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Direct Debit $399
With Dual Tuner $449

TVIX 6500A

TVIX 6500A


Underneath the surface of this cleverly engineered player features the most advanced support for high definition video and picture viewing.

With the optional DVB-T Tuner, H.264(MKV) support, HDMI 1.3 output and a SATA HDD interface, the TVIX 6500A guarantees maximum performance while delivering the ultimate quality in high definition video and audio, without sacrificing storage space.

We recommend the use of Samsung Hard Disks with this device. While others are also fine, the 500GB 3.5” SEAGATE (model name: ST3500630AS) is not recommended for use with this player.

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Twin DVB-T Tuners

Watch and record Digital TV (SDTV and HDTV).

The TVIX 6500A can now be purchased with a dual digital (HDTV) tuner so that you can watch one channel while recording another making it also a good PVR solution.

H.264 (MKV)

Superb HD picture quality with reduced storage.

H.264 is the latest development & standard in high quality video compression technology, adopted for common applications such as TV broadcasting & high definition videos for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Video files encoded in H.264 translate to better quality video while taking up lower storage space on the hard drive. The TViX M-6500A can store and play video files encoded in H.264 standard at up to 1080p resolution.

HDMI 1.3

Pure path for digital video & audio.

The M-6500A is equipped with HDMI output, the default connection type for new generation HDTV displays. HDMI is designed specifically to handle high resolution video with integrated multi-channel HD digital audio, all in one connection.
It will be supported by future firmware upgrade (Video is 24bit)

AVC-HD (Camcorder)

Direct connect your Camcorder to TViX

If you have a HDV or AVCHD camcorder you can transfer your
captured files to the TViX directly and watch them on your Plasma or LCD TV.
The TViX had has full HD and H.264 codec support for full screen playback.


The future of storage standards.

When it comes to hard disk drive types, Serial ATA is the choice of the future. Designed to replace the old IDE interface, SATA provides higher bandwidth and is easier to install. SATA hard disk drives are also available in larger capacities, up to 1TB!


Advanced lossless audio files.

Unlike other media players, the M-6500A can play high quality lossless audio files without any conversion job.

Wireless LAN

Connect without wires

Wireless LAN (optionla) allows you to 'unwire' the TViX and do without a tether to the PC.

TVIX 6500a

Other functions

True Type Font

Change your subtitle font into what you want in your favorate color. You can apply any fonts used in Windows to your TViX, adjust the size of fonts and even change the font color. From now on, you are able to enjoy your movies with several kinds of fonts.

Copy and Paste function without a personal computer

You can copy and paste files saved in TViX HDD without a personal computer. Now you donŐt need to bring your TViX back to your computer to transfer files into/out of the TViX.

TVIX 6500A copy and paste

Selected files could be copied and pasted by the function key on the remote controller. (You are requested to use your PC in case of TP file or to copy/paste one at a time)

TVIX 6500A

In the network function, you can enjoy a movie with no TViX HDD

TViX HD can be networked with a PC system using its built-in LAN port. You are able to navigate to a file in a PC on TVIX Boxs network and play the file from its original destination without having to first copy it onto the TVIX Box HD.

TVIX 6500A

Wire/Wireless Network Storage function (FTP function)

TViX's FTP server function not only just can make the file delete, copy, move by LAN cable, but also you can access it by internet .so wherever you are you can easily access to your folder if you have your own IP address.

  1. Connect the LAN cable to the LAN port of both the TViX and the PC
  2. Connect the LAN cable to the LAN port for an IP Router or Hub

TVIX 6500A

Convenient file deletion

Press the delete button on the remote controller.You donŐt need to connect to your PC with USB cable to delete files.

Newly redesigned in premium black

Advanced TViX!!!

The luxury and well-matched design with home appliances such as a digital TV makes your room an upgraded place.Through the distinguished VFD window, you can easily check the player working state and enjoy music without TV.

TVIX 6500A

USB2.0 Host

With two USB2.0 host ports, you can now attach additional external USB hard drives to further extend the storage capacity or transfer files from another USB device such as a thumb drive. You can also playback files from a digital camera, USB flash driver, USB flash card reader, or a MP3 player.


Main Chipset Sigma Design SMP8635
VFD Display 7 Alpha-Numeric Character, 5 Digit Numeric Display

Format: .mkv, .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .iso .vob, .ifo, .mp4, .asf, .tp, .trp, .ts, .m2ts, .mov(H.264)

Codec: MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, AVI, XVID, WMV9(MP@HL), H.264(BP@L3, MP@4.0 and HP@4.0) , AVC(HD) , VC-1(MP@HL, AP@L3)

Resolutions up to 1920*1080P

Audio MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, PCM, M4A, AC3,FLAC, WAV
Photo JPEG(Progressive JPEG not Support)

USB2.0 Host 2 Ports

USB2.0 Target 1 Port


WLAN 802.11g (optional)

AV In / Out

Video: HDMI 1.3 (Video 24bit, TrueHD , DTS HD MA pass through will be supported through future firmware)

Component, S-Video, Composite

Digital : Coaxial, Optical / Analog: Stereo

File System Formats


DTV Recording : 7200rpm, NTFS

Hard Disk SATA I,II HDD only

Text Subtitle : smi,sub,srt,lrc,txt

Image Subtitle : sub (with idx)

ODD Support Through USB 2.0 Host
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
FAN 40mm Brushless FAN
FAN Control Temperature Sensing, Varialble Speed
Memory Main: 256M byte / Flash: 64 M byte
Internal Power 90~240V Free Voltage
Dimension 183 x 139 x 75 mm
Weight 1,300g (with HDD)

** For the detail instruction, please refer to enclosed TViX CD or the latest pdf file on the download site.